Quem namorou Hermine Speier?

Umberto Nobile namorou Hermine Speier de ? a ?

Hermine Speier

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Hermine "Erminia" Speier (28 May 1898 in Frankfurt am Main – 12 January 1989 in Montreux) was a German archaeologist. One of the few female archaeologists of her time, she was the first female employee of the Vatican Museums and one of the first professional women to be employed by the Vatican. She was a pioneering contributor to the collections of archaeological photographs and is often credited as being the first archaeological photo-archivist.


Umberto Nobile

Umberto Nobile

Umberto Nobile (Lauro, Campania, 21 de Janeiro de 1885 - Roma, 30 de Julho de 1978) foi um engenheiro aeronáutico, explorador e aviador italiano do século XX.

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