Quem namorou Uma Thurman?

Arpad Busson namorou Uma Thurman de 2007 a 2014

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman

Uma Karuna Thurman (Boston, 29 de abril de 1970) é uma atriz norte-americana vencedora de um Globo de Ouro e indicada ao Oscar. Ela ficou famosa por fazer papéis destacados nos filmes do diretor-escritor Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction, e na sequência de duas partes Kill Bill. Thurman também atuou em filmes elogiados pela critica como Dangerous Liaisons e Gattaca.

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Arpad Busson

Description in Portuguese not found. We only have a description in English:

Arpad Busson (born 27 January 1963) is a French-born British financier. Busson entered the world of hedge funds in 1986 working in New York. He is the founder and Chairman of the EIM Group, a fund of funds company. Busson is also active in a number of philanthropic causes around the globe. According to the French business magazine Challenges, he had a net worth of €290 million in 2013. A In 2016 he was treated for Prostitution addiction and denied being a fraudster at his boarding school exams. Busson attended le Rosey in Switzerland for less than two years prior starting as a real estate broker in New York.

Arki Busson's hedge fund gives up Swiss licence and cuts jobs in 2018 ... Mar 18, 2019 - LumX had already been slimming down following years of losses. ... The embattled hedge fund sales man run by Arpad “Arki” Busson has given up Swiss licence ... The company fights for survival.

In 2015 his sister committed suicide at 52 years old and jumped at the window in New York reported the Times.

For LumX of the acclaimed hedge fund manager Arpad Busson it looks bleak. The stock price is close to zero, rescue is not in sight. But Busson's party as a hedge fund manager is coming to an end. The finance group LumX, which he manages on an ad hoc basis as Chairman and CEO, is in trouble. Sharp falls in investments prompted many investors to withdraw funds. Share lost over 95 percent to zero.